Do you need help reading our website, leaflets and publications? We want everyone to have equal access to the information on this website. 

We've added Browsealoud to our website. This feature will read text out loud to you, helps make text bigger on the screen and even translates into different languages.

Try it out, it’s free!

Click on the Browsealoud image, that appears as an orange circle on the top left of your screen, to launch the support toolbar. Then simply click on any website text to hear it read out loud.

How does Browsealoud help?

Browsealoud offers reading and translation support - helping you to access and understand our website, leaflets and publications more easily. You can click on or select any text to hear it read aloud.

It also includes:
  • Written and spoken translations in multiple languages
  • Enlarged text which is read out loud
  • The option to create audio files - so text or documents can be converted into an MP3 audio file
Browsealoud can also block distractions on screen with a tinted mask; remove clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text, and customise options to suit your needs or preferences.

All the features are accessed from the easy-to-use toolbar when you click the orange circle icon. You can even drag and drop the toolbar anywhere on the screen.

Changing text size

Please use the 'Change zoom level' option at the bottom right of your browser to zoom into a web page.  You can set this to the level which gives you an easy viewing experience. The standard setting is 100%.

Another handy tip is if you're using a keyboard press Ctrl and the + key to enlarge the screen. To reduce the size of the screen press Ctrl and the  - key.

Navigation Assistance: keyboard or mouse?

If you have restricted mobility or wish to avoid repetitive strain injury, you may find it useful to use your keyboard instead of your mouse to navigate our website. By using 'Tab' and 'Enter' on your keyboard, it's possible to navigate and access all areas of our website. The 'Tab' key allows you to move and browse amongst the menus and links displayed on each page, and pressing Enter will activate your request for a particular menu or link. The arrow keys on the keyboard will enable you to move up or down the page or from left to right.

Help with setting up your keyboard and mouse

If you need help with seeing the screen or using your keyboard and mouse, please visit the BBC's My Web My Way where you'll find step by step instructions.

The Abilitynet website also provides lots of useful tools to help make your computer easier to use.  It looks at the many ways you can make your keyboard and mouse, Windows, the internet and your favourite applications suit you and your needs.

Accessing information in a PDF format

Throughout our website we use PDF (Portable Document Format) documents which are accessed by clicking on appropriate document links. To view a PDF document, you may need to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader first.  This is a free software package and is available by visiting the Adobe website.

The good news is that it's possible to use the full range of BrowseAloud tools on any PDF document that we have added to our website.

To do this, simply click the orange BrowseAloud icon to maximise the grey tool bar. With the BrowseAloud toolbar fully expanded, you then click the link to the PDF document. This will mean you can use all the BrowseAloud features (such as translation, zoom and audio) on the PDF document.

If you need any further help please email us at and we can assist further.