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Area Panels - Kent

Area Panels are a key part of our structure and have a real voice in the way we are managed.

Group of residents

Area Panels: 

  • Represent tenants and leaseholders in your area
  • Influence our decisions
  • Monitor local services
  • Get issues sorted out locally
  • Make decisions and recommendations
  • Increase resident involvement
  • Each Area Panel is represented on the Residents' Council.

Each Area Panel has agreed:

  • an area plan setting out what we'll do in your area in the next year (download them on the right)
  • local offers for each area. These are local services and projects requested by residents.

East Kent Area Panel members:

PositionEast Kent Area Panel members
ChairLinda Scamp
Vice ChairBob Goodger
Resident members

 Joyce Foy, Claire Pennell, Jane Hiles, Kelly Baker and Carol Hayes (one vacancy)

Independent members

Marion Ward, Brian Horton, Ted Wilcox and Rebecca O'Neill

Additional membersThree vacancies

Kent Gateway Area Panel members:

PositionKent Gateway Area Panel members

Matthew Bromley

Vice ChairMichelle Williams
Resident members

Helena Ingham, Andrew Creed, Margaret Bowry, Allan Smith and Ellie Miller (one vacancy)

Independent membersAngela Harrison, Tony Duke, Steve Elliott and Dawn Mauldon
Additional membersThree vacancies

Mid Kent Area Panel members:

PositionMid Kent Area Panel members
ChairChris Blondrage
Vice ChairAlan Collins
Resident membersAngela Palmer, Bob Killey, Michael Knowles, Natasha Carpenter, Graham Whitehead and Russell James
Independent membersDerek Conway and Dawn Imms (two vacancies)
Additional membersThree vacancies

If you're interested in applying for any of the above vacancies, please Contact your Area Panel