Our people

Strategic Board

Our Strategic Board is responsible for making sure we’re well run and doing what we say we’ll do.

Our Board members are a diverse group, bringing a huge amount of skills and experience from housing and beyond. Our resident board members ensure a customer focus is at the heart of our governance structure.

The main responsibilities of our Board include:

  • Setting our overall strategy and business plan

  • Making sure our Strategic Executive Team is working effectively and has access to the resources it needs

  • Ensuring any risks to the organisation are identified and controlled

  • Monitoring our performance, service delivery and financial viability.

The Board delegate day-to-day management of the organisation to the Strategic Executive Team.

Board also has links with our Residents' Council and local Area Panels.

Strategic Executive Team

Paul Hackett, Chief Executive

Paul was appointed as our Chief Executive in December 2012. Before this he spent four years as our Chief Operating Officer and oversaw the transformation of service delivery.

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Sarah Smith, Executive Director Finance and Resources

Sarah joined AmicusHorizon in March 2009 from London and Quadrant Group to take up the role of Finance and Resources Director. She is responsible for all finance, treasury, IT, audit and risk functions.

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Mark Miles-Lea, Executive Director - Commercial

Mark was appointed as Executive Director - Commercial, in January 2013. Mark has strategic responsibility for all commercial aspects of the organisation.  

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Jane Porter, Executive Director - Operations

Jane was appointed as our Executive Director - Operations, in January 2013. She has strategic responsibility for all front line services.  

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Kate Dodsworth, Executive Director - People and Strategy

Kate was appointed Executive Director - People and Strategy, in March 2014. She has responsibility for organisational strategy and external relationships.  

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