Strategies and Policies

When you want to delve a bit deeper into how we do things and our plans for the future this is the place to look.

Housing Options Policy

Our Housing Options Policy outlines the range of housing options we offer and who can access them. It helps us make sure we allocate our homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way.

Read our Housing Options Policy [PDF 288KB].

If you’re looking to move home, then it could also be worth looking at our Housing Options leaflet that outlines the options available to you.

Read our Housing Options Leaflet [PDF 3.8MB].

Complaints Resolution Policy

This policy explains how you can make a complaint and the complaints process we'll follow.

Read our Complaints Resolution Policy [PDF 655kb].


Leaseholder Service Charge Dispute Resolution Policy

This policy outlines what action leaseholders can take if:
  • They feel service charges are not fair
  • We have not followed the legal consultation requirements for variable service charge payers.
Read our Leasehold Service Charge Dispute Resolution Procedure [PDF 154kb].


Domestic Abuse Policy

This policy explains our approach to domestic abuse. It includes what we'll do:
  • When you report domestic abuse to us
  • To help protect you if you are suffering from domestic abuse.
 Read our Domestic Abuse Policy [PDF 188kb].

Energy and Environmental Strategy 2015-2020

The Energy and Environmental Strategy sets out our priorities for 2015 to 2010. We want to develop truly sustainable homes and neighbourhoods that are affordable, sustainable and warm.

Read our Energy and Environmental Strategy 2015-2020 [PDF 588KB].

Safeguarding Policy

Contractors providing front-line services need to make sure their staff are safe.

More details can be found in our Safeguarding Policy [PDF 320KB]

Modern Slavery Statement

We have no acts of modern day slavery within our organisation.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement [PDF 249kb].

Compensation Policy

This Policy outlines when you can claim compensation and how we’ll compensate you.

Read our Compensation Policy [PDF 629KB].

Customer Experience Statement - 'Side by Side'

Our Customer Experience Statement explains how we'll support you.

Read Side by Side to find out more [PDF 2.1mb].

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-2020

Our 2016-2020 strategy will help us to improve our culture and performance in the following three key areas:
  • Recruitment and retention of talent
  • Career progression
  • Employee engagement
Read our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-2020 here [PDF 1.32mb].

Our Equality and Diversity Inclusion Statement outlines our commitment to providing an inclusive environment for employee’s and in the delivery of services to residents..

Read our Equality and Diversity Inclusion Statement here

Tenure Policy

Our Tenure Policy sets out who gets a fixed term tenancy, their rights and what happens at the end of a fixed term tenancy.

Read our Tenure Policy [PDF 414KB].

Strategic Plan 2016-20 - Unlocking Potential

Our strategy is to unlock the potential of our residents, people and business. This means increased capacity to build more homes, preserving customer loyalty and improving efficiency.

We'll do this by:
  • Unlocking the potential of our residents to be more independent and to self-serve.  This will help maintain loyalty while reducing operating costs
  • Unlocking the potential of our people with the tools, technology, skills, culture and leadership to work productively
  • Unlocking the potential of our business by reducing cost, improving operating margin and using the additional capacity to build more homes.
Read Unlocking Potential [PDF 4.4MB], our Strategic Plan for 2016-20.

Recoverable Service Charge Policy

Our Recoverable Service Charge Policy addresses our approach to recovering service charges.

Read our Recoverable Service Charge Policy [594 KB].  

Whistle Blowing Policy and Guidance

We're committed to the highest standards of conduct, quality, probity, openness and accountability and expect the same commitment from employees and consultants and contractors.

Read our Whistle Blowing Policy (167KB) and the Whistle Blowing Guidance (204KB).

Data Protection Policy

Our Data Protection Policy outlines how we’ll:

• Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998
• Ensure all staff involved in processing personal information understand their responsibilities
• Provide staff with adequate information and training to fulfil their responsibilities
• Deal with a subject access request
• Report a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998
• Assure all people we hold data about, we’ll process and store their personal information in accordance with the Act.

Read our Data Protection Policy here

Probity Policy

Our Probity Policy outlines the standards of conduct for staff to deliver a quality service to our residents and community.

Read our Probity Policy here

Supplier's Code of Conduct

Our Suppliers help us in delivering excellent customer services to residents. This document outlines our requirements of conduct for our contractors.

Read our Suppliers Code of Conduct here