Who we are

Landsdowne-Green-International-Day-August-2015-6.jpgWe take great pride in giving people the keys to their AmicusHorizon home – just as our founders did over 50 years ago. We’re passionate about providing people with a place to call home and meeting a range of housing needs.

We’ve just under 28,000 homes across London, Kent and Sussex, offering a range of different housing choices including affordable homes, shared ownership and Extra Care.

We're currently working with Viridian Housing to explore the possibility of forming a new partnership.
We’re determined to tackle the housing crisis and are proud to be delivering over 800 new homes between 2015 and 2018. And we’re in a strong position to do this - with assets of £1.3 billion, an annual turnover of over £161 million and reserves that total £90 million.

But there’s more to us than just bricks and mortar. We’ve a strong desire to positively shape communities, helping to create places people are happy to call their home.
We’re also part of the g15, which is made up of the 15 largest housing associations in London. The g15 launched a report in October 2016 which highlights the importance of estate regeneration in solving the capital’s housing crisis and identifies what is required to deliver more.

Social Purpose Statement

Our mission is making homes, helping people. We provide good quality, well managed homes, affordable to people on a range of incomes. We also help build communities by supporting residents into jobs and training. All our surpluses are invested in order to achieve our mission.

Our missions and values

Our mission is making homes, helping people.

To achieve our goals we're following our STAR values. These set the standard as to how we operate as an organisation and are central to the way we treat our residents.

These are our values


  Services our residents value and we’re proud of


  Being open, honest and demonstrating integrity


  Taking ownership and responsibility


  Showing care, commitment and fairness

Our Strategic Plan 2016-20 - Unlocking Potential

Our strategy is to unlock the potential of our residents, people and business. This means increased capacity to build more homes, preserving customer loyalty and improving efficiency.

We'll do this by:
  • Unlocking the potential of our residents to be more independent and to self-serve.  This will help maintain loyalty while reducing operating costs
  • Unlocking the potential of our people with the tools, technology, skills, culture and leadership to work productively
  • Unlocking the potential of our business by reducing cost, improving operating margin and using the additional capacity to build more homes.
Read our Strategic Plan 2016-20 - Unlocking Potential here

History of AmicusHorizon

We’ve come a long way since the founding of Family Housing Association (Croydon) Limited in 1964. This was one of the forerunners to AmicusHorizon.

The needs of society may well have changed since the 1960s and our name has evolved several times along the way.

But throughout our journey we’ve never forgotten our core values. We remain fully committed to making homes and improving lives.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2014 we created a short film which charts our history. We hope you enjoy watching it!

AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing - Together Better

We’re working with Viridian Housing to explore the possibility of forming a new partnership. Find out how the partnership might affect you here

Video of AmicusHorizon's history