AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing - Together Better

AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing - Together Better

Our proposed partnership with Viridian is on track and subject to receiving some final approvals, we hope it takes place early in 2017.

Thanks to all residents who commented over the summer. We’ve now got a second proposal. This time we'd like to know what you think about the two organisations joining together to form a single, new housing association. This is via a process called amalgamation.

If you'd like more information about the new proposal and how it will affect you, read our leaflet below: You can also view a short film below where our CEO, Paul Hackett, explains more about the benefits of joining together with Viridian Housing and what it would mean for residents.


New Chair

Sir Peter Dixon will chair the new organisation from legal completion. The current chairs of AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing ensured that an intensive and robust recruitment process took place. Read more about Sir Peter Dixon's appointment here.


Below are some answers to a number of questions you may have about this partnership.

Why do this?

Our decision to consider partnership with Viridian has come about for a number of reasons. You may have heard in the media about the ‘housing crisis’ we’re facing in the UK. There is a shortage of affordable housing and we want to take action to address this.

The Government has reduced funding for us to build new homes. So we have to find new ways to do this. A partnership with Viridian would allow us to build many new homes. The Government has also challenged  housing associations to work more efficiently and make sure they’re delivering better value for money. The partnership a stronger position for the future. As well as building new homes we also want to be known for great services and placing residents at the heart of what we do.

What are the benefits to residents?

You’d be part of a larger organisation offering you lots of opportunities.

We’re an organisation committed to making sure residents’ voices are heard and listened to. This won’t change in a partnership with Viridian as they believe residents’ views and opinions are important. The opportunities for residents to get involved in shaping our services will continue and you’ll be able to choose to participate in a number of ways.

The new partnership will have formal structures for residents to influence how we operate. Or, you may choose to get involved more informally through mystery shopping, completing a survey or joining a  discussion or online forum. However you choose to participate, you can be sure we’ll continue to deliver great customer services.

The partnership would be financially strong.  Working together, we’ll significantly increase We plan to build at least 1400 each year from 2020.  Our priority would be homes for affordable rent and low cost home ownership.

Why Viridian?

Viridian provides a brilliant ‘match’ with AmicusHorizon.

They have similar values and the same things are important to them. Like us, Viridian have been committed to providing high quality social housing for decades.

Delivering great customer service is central to their way of thinking which mirrors our own approach.

Will my rent or service charges go up?

No. There are no changes to your rent or service charges as a result of this partnership.

Will my tenancy agreement change?

No. You’ll have the same rights and responsibilities as a tenant or leaseholder you have now.

What about repairs?

At present our repairs satisfaction is very high. We’ll continue to deliver a responsive and efficient service as we know this is really important to you.

Will I still be an AmicusHorizon resident?

Yes, you’ll still be an AmicusHorizon resident. However we may consider a new name as the two organisations have come together.

If the partnership goes ahead could I move to a Viridian home?

It’s still early days but it’s possible the partnership would offer you wider opportunities to move to different areas.

Will you still involve residents?

Yes! Residents are at the heart of everything we do and this won’t change. One of the reasons we think Viridian will make a good partner is they agree listening to residents and providing great customer service is important.

Will residents vote on the plan?

There’s no vote or ballot but we do want to know what you think about the idea. Please email or call 0800 121 60 60.

Will you continue to build new homes?

We certainly will. In fact, by working with Viridian we can build more homes, far quicker than we could alone. We plan to build thousands of new homes, creating thriving new communities.

How can I give my feedback and have a say on these plans?

We’d really like to know what you think about our plans to form a partnership with Viridian Housing. You can let us know by emailing us or call 0800 121 60 60.

Who is the new Partnership Board and Executive Team?


As we move closer to partnership, we’re delighted to announce the new shadow Executive Team and new shadow Board. These ‘designate’ posts will take effect from legal completion. This is expected to happen in early 2017.
The executive recruitment process has been supported by Campbell Tickell with equal representation from the AmicusHorizon and Viridian Boards. Campbell Tickell also supported the Board recruitment process undertaken by the existing Chairs of both organisations.
This is a crucial process for the success of the new organisation, as this team will lead ambitious levels of development and great customer service whilst ensuring the new organisation is more efficient and effective.
  • New chair of the Board - Sir Peter Dixon
  • Chief Executive designate – Paul Hackett
  • Deputy Chief Executive designate – Nick Apetroaie
  • Executive Director Finance and Resources designate – Sarah Smith
This role will cover finance, treasury, risk, audit and procurement.
  • Executive Director Property and Asset Management designate – Neal Ackcral
This role will cover the Direct Labour Organisation (DLO); repairs and maintenance contracts and asset management.
  • Executive Director Operations designate – Jane Porter
This role will cover housing management; retirement housing; customer service; leasehold and home ownership and community development.
  • Executive Director Commercial Portfolio designate – Matt Campion
This role will cover the management and growth of the commercial portfolio, comprising key worker housing; student accommodation; Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes and retail and commercial properties.
  • Executive Director People and Communications designate – Kate Dodsworth
This role will cover HR, organisational development; communications; external affairs; strategy and performance; and diversity.
  • Executive Director Transformation and Innovation designate – Kerry Tromanhauser
This role will cover business transformation; innovation and the integration of services.
  • Executive Director Development and Sales designate – Mark Miles-Lea
This role will cover an ambitious development programme of homes for affordable rent and market sale.
  • Executive Director Governance and Compliance designate – Jo Robinson
This role will cover company secretarial duties; corporate governance; regulatory compliance and resident governance and involvement.
The shadow Board for the new organisation will consist of the following members drawn from the existing Boards of AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing:
  • Florence Barras
  • David Clifford
  • John Cox (resident)
  • Howard Cresswell
  • Paul Crouch (resident)
  • Vishal Dixit
  • Steve Douglas         
  • Sam Herelle
  • Peter Roscrow
  • Nick Stephenson (resident)
  • Andrew Wiseman