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Our unique energy project.

In July 2010 we officially launched IFORE, a unique sustainability programme. The programme targets 100 homes in Rushenden and 100 homes in the town of Outreau, France. We're working with French Housing Association, Pas-de-Calais Habitat as well as the Universities of Brighton and Artois.

By incorporating the latest energy saving technologies, the multi-award winning project is helping residents save on fuel bills, stay warm and reduce their homes' carbon footprint. One of the project's core aims is to reduce carbon emissions by 80%. 60% of the target reductions will be achieved through of the fitting of efficient insulation, air tightness measures and renewable technologies. The remaining 20% through training and educating residents to incorporate energy saving behaviour into their daily lives.

We're combining measures to homes with a large scale community development, learning and employment support programme. IFORE harmonises both the technical and human aspects of reducing energy consumption. It also works to develop effective ways to involve the local community in carbon reduction initiatives.

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    What makes this project unique in the retrofit world is the fact that a quarter of the planned energy reductions will be through people engagement.

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    Read all the news from the IFORE project.

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    Our work is centred within the community of Rushenden, Kent. Our French partner association, Pas de Calais Habitat works within a community in the French town of Outreau.

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    Energy saving measures

    Our programme of physical work to the homes is now complete and residents are saving an average of 40% on their fuel bills thanks to the new technology.

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    The project has clear stages and targets. Find out more about our overall aims and who's involved.

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