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The IFORE (Innovation for Renewal) project improved the carbon efficiency of 100 homes in Rushenden, Kent.

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'Combining energy efficient technology with high quality energy advice is essential for achieving lasting change'. These were the findings of our cross-channel retrofit project 'IFORE' launched in 2010.

Evidence showed a strong positive correlation between successful retrofit programmes and wider community development.

It's been an intensive four year 'test and learn' initiative. We've transformed over 100 homes to be super energy efficient, saving an average £500 per home on bills. We've engaged over 1,000 residents, created 3,000 young energy champions and encouraged nearly 80 people into learning vocational training.

Cross channel learning

Elements of the work on homes in Rushenden, Kent were replicated by Pas-de-Calais habitat a French Housing Association in Outreau, Northern France. The measures carried out in both communities were monitored by the University of Brighton and the Université D'Artois.

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director of Sustainable Homes said: "IFORE is the largest cross channel project we've seen tackling both retrofit and resident behaviour change. What really makes this report stand out is the use of social researchers to measure the wider benefits of retrofit and advice.

To see how we've achieved this and what we've learnt, watch the video below: