We’re supporting National Hoarding Awareness Week

10 May 2017

We’re supporting National Hoarding Awareness Week which aims to break the taboo surrounding the subject.

Highlights of the week, being held between Monday (15 May) and Friday (19 May), will include special ‘masterclasses’ to educate our staff members and contractors – giving them the knowledge, confidence and skills to help hoarders.

Coffee mornings are being organised within some of our schemes with a focus on friends, family and neighbours – reassuring them they’re not getting anyone into trouble by raising an issue of hoarding.

And social media will be used throughout the country to help promote awareness and signpost people to support.

A video has been put together featuring Nigel, who bravely shares his personal story about hoarding.

It also features our housing officer, Annette Jones, who explains how we helped Nigel.

Nigel had described his situation as a "nightmare", but is now looking forward to a brighter future.



If you’re on Twitter, why not follow our account @amicushorizon where we’ll be raising awareness. Look out for the hashtag #helpinghoarders

For further information visit the Hoarding Awareness Week website.

If you think a family member or someone you know has an issue with hoarding, try to persuade them to come with you to see a GP.

Further information can be found at the NHS.

  • The National Hoarding Awareness Week is being led by The Pan London Hoarding Taskforce and sponsored by housing associations AmicusHorizon and Peabody, and organisations Hoarding UK and Clouds End. It’s hoped the event, now in its second year, will grow further in future years.