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Our service promise

We want residents to be happy with the services we offer. We've worked with residents to find out what they want from our services. We've looked at key areas of our work and agreed a set of service standards.

Our service standards

We want to give you a great experience every time you use our services. Our standards set out the service you should expect.

We can translate and interpret information, and offer it in large print, audio, and Braille. If you'd like to use these services please contact us. 

If you'd like more information on our services click here.

Your customer service and complaints

When you phone we'll:

  • Answer in 20 seconds
  • Call you back by 5pm the next working day when you leave a message

We'll reply in five working days when you write in, or email. We'll give you a date for our response in one working day if we think it may take longer to answer. 

When you want to meet your housing officer we'll arrange this in five working days.

If you make a complaint we'll:

  • Call you the day we get your complaint
  • Acknowledge your complaint in writing in three working days
  • Give you an answer in 10 working days.

Your repairs and maintenance

When you report a repair we'll:

  • Make an appointment with you as soon as possible, and at a time that suits you
  • Aim to complete the repair in one visit
  • If it's an emergency, we'll visit to make things safe within six hours.

We'll also:

  • Remove offensive graffiti from estates in 24 hours
  • Carry out a gas safety check to your home every year
  • Give you a decision in 20 working days when you ask for permission to improve your home.

Your tenancy and neighbourhood

When you are moving to a new home we'll:

  • Offer you the opportunity to view it
  • Explain your rent, service charges, and tenancy agreement
  • Offer you a welcome visit 20 days after you move in.

We'll give you a decision in 28 working days if you want to exchange home with another tenant.

We offer many options for you to pay your rent, and offer help if you have difficulty paying your rent. We will:

  • Offer you a rent statement four times a year, and send you one in five working days on request
  • Give you a copy of your rent repayment plan in five working days if you get into arrears

If you report anti-social behaviour we'll contact you in one working day, and:

  • Agree an action plan saying what we can do to help
  • Give you a named contact to handle your case.