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Can I keep a pet?

If you're thinking about getting a pet, please check your tenancy agreement.

White terrier and ginger kitten on lawn

Your tenancy agreement will tell you if you need to get permission from us.

If you have a pet that causes a nuisance, you will not be allowed to keep it. It is an offence to keep dangerous dogs or other animals. If we have agreed that you can keep a dog, you must keep it under control and clear up after it on walks. One reason for this is that dog mess contains a bacteria which can cause blindness. If you let your dog foul the area, you can be fined up to £1000 by your local council. We will also withdraw your permission to keep your dog and can take action to have you evicted.

Pet agreement and Pets policy

If we give you permission to keep a pet we will ask you to sign a pet agreement. The agreement confirms your responsibilities and the type of pet you have. It also records the name and contact details of someone who is able to care for the animal if you are unable to, for example if you are admitted to hospital. 

Our adobepdf icon Pets policy [95kb] is aimed at promoting animal welfare, reducing the nuisance caused by animals and encouraging responsible pet ownership. For further information see our adobepdf icon Pets fact sheet [320kb] or contact us.