Aids and adaptions

If you rent a property and need aids or adaptions in your home, we can help. We'll do all we can to make sure your home best suits your needs.

Do you need help getting around your home?

If so, we offer adaptations to assist people within their homes. We can provide equipment and make adaptations to your home so you can remain independent.

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small adjustments to your home. These can be arranged without referrals from an occupational therapist.  These include things like:
  • Handrails over the bath
  • Handrails to the outside of the front or back door
More details can be found in our Equipment and Adaptions leaflet.

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What if I need major alterations to my home?

We can also make bigger changes to your home such as:
  • Installing ramps to allow easy access
  • Putting in a downstairs toilet
  • Installing an easy access shower in place of a bath.
For these kind of changes you'll need to contact your local authority and an occupational therapist to advise on the exact requirements. You'll need an occupational therapist to assess your needs. They can then make recommendations to us so we can alter your home to meet your needs.

Alternatively, we may be able to help you with moving to a more suitable home that better suits your needs. Contact us to find out more.

Adaptations Case Study by resident Glen Cady

"To maintain independence is really important to your health, well-being and of course accessing the community and enjoying life, this is even more so for people who have a mobility issues. Through their aids and adaptions programme, AmicusHorizon has helped me enormously to maintain my independency. I have been a resident for just over 15 years and have had a number of adaptations made to my home. These included handrails, ramps and a Clos-o-mat toilet but one of the most important adaptions was a through-floor lift.

The majority of people take it for granted that they can walk upstairs and say, "I'm going upstairs to bed." and then climb into their nice warm bed. However, for some people who cannot climb stairs because of mobility issues, this can be very daunting. I know through experience that some people have had to move their bed into their living room. This of course is not the best situation and can have an affect on your mental well-being as well as your quality of life. However, I did not have to worry because AmicusHorizon installed a new through-floor lift which gave me the chance to say "I'm going upstairs to bed."

Please email us at to to find out more about applying for a minor adaption to your home.