Home improvements

Under the terms of your lease, if you are living in a rental property then you'll need our permission to carry out improvements or alterations.

Apart from decorating, all improvements need our permission. So before you do anything, we ask that you contact us. 

If you're a leaseholder or shared owner, you are also required to inform us of any improvements or amendments to your home. Click here to find out more about making adjustments to your home if you are a leaseholder or shared owner.

Making your own improvements

Couple-painting-on-a-house-wall.jpgAs one of our tenants, we want to make sure any improvements you make to your home are good quality.

Just like any repair or improvement, the quality of the workmanship and materials are important.

You're free to choose paints and wallpapers to your own taste and you don't need our permission for this. However if you rent a property from us and you want to make other improvements to your home then you'll need our permission.

Find out more about making your own improvements to your home here.

Planned improvements

Radiator-repair_Medium.jpgEvery year we carry out planned works on a large number of our rental properties; replacing or improving homes with new bathrooms, kitchens and double glazing.

We plan which homes will have replacement items due to their age and condition.

If your home is due for work, we'll let you know what we're planning and when it's likely to happen.

Find out more about planned improvements and what you can expect here.

How we can help?

We cannot recommend any specific local agencies but we can help advise you.

Please visit the links below of useful websites that may help you.