Our planned improvements

Every year we invest to keep our homes up to date and safe.

Planned works

Planned works are improvements to your home. They can take one or two weeks to complete, so we'll work very closely with you to make sure we minimise any disruption to your life.

Planned works could include:

  • Replacing a kitchen

  • Replacing a bathroom

  • Replacing windows and doors

  • Installing central heating

  • Updating electrical wiring

If works are planned for your home we'll give you as much notice as possible. In most cases, we also offer you some choices such as kitchen cupboard doors and work tops, tiles and floor coverings.

Cyclical works

Cyclical works and cyclical servicing are two major areas of our work. Here are some examples of cyclical maintenance work:

  • Redecorating the outside of your home (we often carry out external repairs or cleaning at the same time)

  • Annual Gas Servicing

  • Testing the electrics in your home. We do this every 10 years

  • Replacing the central heating boiler. We do this every 15 years or when needed

  • Cleaning and painting communal areas.

We also check, service, test and upgrade or replace if required:

  • Communal fire alarm systems

  • Lifts

  • Hard-wired smoke detectors

  • Central Boiler Systems.

What can I expect from planned and cyclical works?

Any improvement to your home is an exciting prospect but it may be daunting too. This is why we plan all of our work to your home very carefully.

If your home is due for an improvement

Our contractor will contact you directly. If you're due to have a new kitchen or bathroom, they'll arrange a meeting to design and agree the layout. They'll also discuss the choices you have (e.g. flooring, work tops and tiles). They'll leave a copy of the final design which you'll be asked to sign.

Finally, the contractor will contact you again to agree a start date for the works. You'll get at least one week's notice. 

What you can expect during the works

All our contractors will:

  • Carry company ID badges and must present these to you on every visit

  • Treat you and your home with courtesy and respect

  • Tell you at the end of the day who to expect on the next day

  • Leave you with a supply of fresh water, a safe electrical supply and cooking facilities at the end of each day

  • Keep you, your family and visitors safe from the hazards that building works generate

  • Complete the work within 15 days.

What we expect of you

We ask you to:

  • Provide access to your home at the agreed dates and times

  • Give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to rearrange an appointment

  • Clear the work areas and cupboards of any belongings (we will help you with any heavy furniture)

  • Keep children and pets away from the work area and our operatives tools

  • Do not leave children under 16 years old on their own whilst works are in progress

  • Treat our contractors with courtesy and respect

  • Don't smoke in the areas where our contractors are working.