Estate services

Grass-cutting.jpgWe want your neighbourhood to be clean and pleasant to live in. Our estate services team work hard to keep our roads and estates in good order.

If you need to let us know about any issues on your estate please report them here.

Estate Services Team

Our Estate Services team look after our neighbourhoods and communal areas. Their main duties include:
  • Regularly inspecting estates and communal areas
  • Cleaning,  including floors, windows, stairs, car parks and paths
  • Litter picking
  • Grounds maintenance including grass cutting, weeding, pruning and tree work
  • Undertaking small estate improvements
  • Reporting communal repairs found on our inspections.
The services are the same regardless of where you live but how we deliver them can vary from region to region. In Sussex we have an in-house team who carry out much of the work. In Kent and London, our teams are smaller so contractors carry out some of the work

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What should you expect?

Regular inspections are carried out on your estate. We have 14 standards that we check on every inspection. Our Estate Standards clearly explains each of these standards and the level of service you can expect from our Estates Services Teams.

We quickly act on anything we pick up during these inspections. We take our findings to our contractors on a monthly basis. We ask them to address issues of concern and look for ways to improve the service.

If you need to report issues on your estate click here.

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