Repairs to communal areas

We're responsible for repairs to communal areas and services in blocks of flats.

If you need to report a repair to a communal area then there are a number of ways to do this. Click here to find out how to report your repair.


What are communal areas?

  • Shared entrance halls
  • Shared staircases 
  • Shared parking areas
  • Shared gardens
  • Shared paths.

What are communal services?

  • Lighting to shared areas both inside and outside a block of flats
  • Shared drainage to blocks of flats and block of garages
  • Shared lifts
  • Communal aerial systems.

What if someone has caused damage to these areas and services?

Please tell us if someone has deliberately damaged communal areas or services. We welcome any information leading to those people being charged with the costs of repairs.

If I'm a leaseholder do I have to pay for communal repairs?

Leaseholders contribute towards the cost of work carried out on communal areas and to the structure and exterior of their homes.