You can apply to be housed with us in Kent by completing an online application form available on the Kent HomeChoice website.

If you are unable to complete the form online please contact your local authority.

Once you’re a registered applicant you can see the full range of available homes and can bid (express an interest) for any home you’re matched to (e.g. a single person would not be eligible for a three-bedroom house, only a one bedroom property).


The Kent HomeChoice website allows applicants, and existing social housing tenants looking to move, to apply for available properties.

You can bid in five different ways:

  • Online at Kent Homechoice
  • Through your digital TV by pressing the interactive button
  • By phone
  • By text message
  • If you're unable to place a bid yourself please call or visit the Housing Options team.

There are instructions on how you can bid by viewing the Kent HomeChoice Scheme guide.

Bidding is available daily (open fortnightly from 8am on the Friday and finishing the following Wednesday at 1pm). You'll need to check more often to view all properties available. You can only have three bids live at anytime.

If you've rent outstanding and are a current, or previous housing association tenant, you'll not normally be offered accommodation. If you want to move, it's important you're up to date with the rent.

The following Housing Options schemes are available:

Mutual exchange schemes:

Mobility schemes:-

View our Housing Options Booklet for more information.