London and Surrey

You can apply to be housed with us in London and Surrey by contacting your local authority.

Once you've completed your housing application form you'll either be placed on the local authority waiting list to be offered a home according to your needs. Alternatively, you can use the Choice Based Letting scheme.

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) allows you to apply for a home of your choice.

Schemes are slightly different depending where you live. Local authorities decide which properties are allocated to different bands or categories; this determines who's eligible to bid. The local authorities advertise details of all available properties online, in local authority offices and in local libraries weekly or fortnightly.

The following Housing Options schemes are available: 

Mutual exchange schemes:
• Swap & Move                       
• Exchange Locata                  
• House Exchange                   
• MoveMaker                              

Mobility schemes:-
• Homefinder
• Housing Moves

View our Housing Options Booklet for more information.