Problems in paying?

Paying your rent is important. We're here to help if you're having problems paying.

What should I do if I've problems paying my rent?

Rent should always be your first priority, as you could lose your home if you don't pay it. So, if you have got money worries:
  • Don't ignore the problem
  • Talk to our Money Matters Team, they'll be happy to make sure you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to
  • Our staff will talk through your budget with you and make a fair repayment agreement that you can afford
  • Don't promise payments you're unable to make
  • Make every effort to pay on time. If you've problems keeping to the payment agreement, please let us know straight away. Tell us if your circumstances change.

What happens if I do get into arrears?

We'll contact you if you miss a rent payment to tell you the amount you owe. If you receive a letter, please read it carefully, don't ignore it.

Contact us straight away to arrange to pay the arrears. Our Money Matters Team are here to help.  If we don't hear from you and you don't make a payment, we'll move through the stages of our arrears policy. This could mean we take you to court. You could even be evicted from your home.

Our aim is for you to stay in your home and to help you find ways to pay your rent. If you've a problem, we can help. We just need to know about it. So please let us know straight away, the earlier the better.

What other help is available?

Read our money advice pages for more information on:

You can also get independent advice and help from the following organisations:

National Debtline - A helpline providing free, confidential advice on how to deal with debt problems - 0808 808 4000 

Consumer Credit Counselling Service - Free and confidential advice on everything from budgeting to practical plans to help manage debt - 0800 138 1111

Citizens Advice - A service to help people sort out their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice.