Buying the home you rent

Buy-the-home-your-rent-(1).jpgThe Government’s proposed changes about ‘Right to Buy’ to allow housing association residents to buy their homes hasn’t begun yet.  If you’re interested, keep watching the news as we think any changes in legislation will be widely publicised in the press and media.  For further information and to register for updates on when the extended Right to Buy will be introduced please visit

Right to Buy

You might be able to buy your home from AmicusHorizon if you:

• Rent your home from us and have a 'secure' tenancy
• Were a council tenant when the management of your home was transferred to us
• Don't live in housing specifically for older or disabled people
• Don't have any possession orders against you because you’ve breached your tenancy agreement.

Discount available

The discount available to you depends on how long you have held your tenancy for.
In London, the maximum discount available is £103,900. For all other regions outside of London the maximum discount is £77,900.

Use this online calculator  to see how much discount you may be entitled to.

Can I afford to buy my home?

It's a big decision and you'll:

• Probably need a mortgage
• Need to pay for solicitors' costs, survey costs and a mortgage arrangement fee
• You’ll be responsible for the cost of all repairs to the property, for paying building contents insurance and any service charges for communal areas.

You should look at property prices in your area and the mortgage amount you're likely to need before applying to buy your home.

Further advice

Our local housing staff can answer further questions on how the Right to Buy scheme works. For information on mortgages and insurance you should seek your own independent financial advice. You should ask banks, building societies and insurance companies about their products.

For more details please visit the Government’s Right to Buy website.