Living in your home

Living-in-your-home-3.jpgIf you're looking for information about living in your home, the answer may be here. We've put this section together to answer the most commonly asked questions we receive.

You'll find information about keeping a pet, car parking, TV and satellite aerials, gardens and sheds, contents insurance and more. For more about your tenancy click here.

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Contents insurance

House-insurance.jpgWhy do I need contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your possessions against loss or damage by theft, fire, explosion, water/flood, lightning or earthquake. You must take out contents insurance to protect the contents of your home.

Don't you insure my possessions?

No! Contents insurance is your responsibility and we highly recommend you take out a policy. Although we insure the building you live in this doesn't cover your personal possessions. Please make sure you take out insurance to protect your furniture, digital items, valuables and clothes.

How can I get contents insurance?

We can help you get home contents insurance easily and at a low cost. Click here to find out ways we can help you save money. You can also view our 'My Home Content Insurance' leaflets here.

We're working together with the National Housing Federation to provide an affordable contents insurance scheme called My Home. 

For further information and enquiries about the scheme visit the My Home website or call them on 0345 450 7288.

You can also find out more about the scheme with our handy Information Pack or you can contact us.

Or if you prefer, find cheap home contents insurance quotes online at a price comparison website.

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Can I keep a pet?

Check before you get a pet

If you're thinking about getting a pet, please check your tenancy agreement. This tells you if you need to get permission from us to keep a pet.

To ask for permission please contact us.

Keeping a dog

If we have agreed that you can keep a dog, you must keep it under control and clear up after it on walks.  It is an offence to keep dangerous dogs or other illegal animals.  

Dog fouling

Please make sure you pick up your dog's litter. Dog mess contains a bacteria that can cause blindness. If you let your dog foul you can be fined up to £1000 by your local council. We can also withdraw your permission to keep your dog and can take action to have you evicted.

Pet agreement

If we give you permission to keep a pet we'll ask you to sign a pet agreement. The agreement confirms your responsibilities and the type of pet you have. It also records the name and contact details of someone who could care for the animal if you're unable to, for example if you're admitted to hospital.

Concerned about a neighbours pet?

Pets should be cared for in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The person responsible for the animal must ensure the animal’s welfare and needs are met. If you’re worried about the welfare of an animal or you think someone may have abandoned their pet, you should contact the RSPCA immediately. Their 24 hour advice and cruelty line is: 0300 1234 999.

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TV, phone and internet

How do I get connected?

You'll need to make arrangements with telephone and internet service providers to get existing phone lines connected or to install a line if there's not one already.

We've teamed up with Happus to provide you with low cost internet connectivity. You may be able to arrange cheaper internet deals through Happus. Call Happus directly on 0330 010 3300 or visit their website:

TV aerialsTV.jpg

If you live in a house, you're responsible for providing your own TV aerial. If you live in a block of flats, there may be a shared TV aerial you can connect to. You must have a TV licence if you watch or record television programmes. You need to renew your TV licence each year. Apply for your TV license online.

Satellite dishes 

You must get permission from us before you get a satellite dish installed. Please contact us to make a request. 

In some areas you may also need to get permission from your local council.


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Car parking

Parking advice

Parking can cause issues in some areas, so please be considerate and follow this advice:
  • Car-close-up.jpgOnly park on the street or in marked parking spaces
  • Don't park on grass areas, paths or verges
  • In some areas there are street-parking restrictions and you may need to apply to your local council for a parking permit
  • If you're disabled, the government's Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination. Check your eligibility or apply for a Blue Badge online
  • You must not park cars, commercial vehicles, caravans, boats or trailers in your garden or on our land without our written permission
  • We may arrange for vehicles that are untaxed or appear abandoned to be taken away to be scrapped.


We may have garages in your area that you can rent. Please contact us to find out more.

Abandoned cars

To report abandoned cars in your area please use our online reporting form.

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Gardens and sheds

Your garden and shed

Garden-Fork.jpgYou're responsible for maintaining your garden, keeping it clean, tidy and cutting the grass. You're also responsible for maintaining and repairing your shed if you have one.

Shared gardens

If you have a shared garden we'll maintain it. The cost of this is usually included within your service charges.


You're usually responsible for maintaining trees in your own garden; check your tenancy for details. We're responsible for trees in the shared areas that we own. More information on tree maintenance can be found here.

Japanese knotweed

It's important to prevent harmful weeds and invasive plants from spreading around your property. A invasive plant to be aware of is Japanese knotweed.

You don't have to remove Japanese knotweed but you could be fined up to £5,000 or given a community protection notice for causing a nuisance if you allow Japanese knotweed to grow on anyone else's property.

It can be managed quite easily; if it's dealt with as soon as possible to reduce the chance of it spreading. 

Our grounds management team at Chequers have a specialist Japanese knotweed team who treat outbreaks of the fast growing weed. If you'd like more information call Chequers on 0208 665 67 46 or visit

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Procurement Panel

Like spending money wisely? Interested in helping us select the right suppliers and achieve value for money on our resident facing contracts?

Please contact our procurement team for more information about joining our Resident Procurement Panel.

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Prepayment meters

Prepayment meters

Do you have a prepayment meter for your gas and/or electricity?

If so, did you know a standing charge is applied on a daily basis to the meter? This is a fixed amount you pay every day you’re connected to a gas or electricity network.

This money covers costs like meter reading, maintenance and the cost of keeping you connected to the network.

It’s recommended you regularly top up credit, even if you’re not using much energy.

If you run out of credit the standing charge will continue to be applied and will build up a debt which you must repay.

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