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Your tenancy

This section answers some of the questions you may have about your tenancy.

Ingelwood 13-05-2014

I'm a new tenant - what is my 'starter tenancy'?
A starter tenancy is a short tenancy normally lasting for 12 months. This gives you time to show you're a good tenant and neighbour. If you keep to the terms and conditions, we'll give you a longer assured tenancy. If you don't keep to the terms and conditions, we may extend your starter tenancy (up to another six months) or end your tenancy. We'll visit you at least twice during the first year. If you're having problems, let us know straight away and we'll do our best to help. If you're already our tenant and you moved through a transfer or mutual exchange, you'll keep the same tenancy.

I'm already a tenant - what kind of tenancy do I have?
If you were a tenant before 1 April 2009, you're likely to have an assured tenancy. If you were originally a tenant of Rother, Swale or Hastings councils or Lansdowne Green, you may have other rights in your tenancy agreement. If you're an Avenue or Casa tenant, you may have a different tenancy agreement (see below) with different rights. If you're not sure what kind of tenancy you've got, just ask us. We'll be pleased to help.

Types of tenancy

  • Starter or 'probationary' - 12 month tenancies for new housing association tenants
  • Assured - most housing association tenants have this type of tenancy. It's got no time limit
  • Assured guaranteed -  if you were originally a tenant of Swale, Rother or Hastings Borough Councils you may have the 'right to buy'
  • Secure tenancy - another form of tenancy some ex-council or long-standing tenants may still have
  • Assured shorthold - six or 12  month tenancies used by Avenue and private landlords
  • Demoted tenancy - an assured tenancy can be 'demoted' (reduced) to an assured shorthold tenancy if tenants behave in an antisocial way
  • Non-secure tenancy - for Avenue residents placed in temporary accommodation by local councils

Can you come into my home?
You've the right to live in your home without us interfering. At times we need access to your home to do emergency repairs, or service your gas appliances. Even if it's an emergency, we'll always aim to contact you first. Please try to make sure we've up-to-date contact details for you. 

How long can I stay in my home?
If you've an assured tenancy, you can live in your home as long as you want. You must keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement and respect the rights of other tenants and neighbours. You must live in the property as your main home. You do not have to leave unless we get a court order. We will usually only get a court order if you have broken your tenancy agreement conditions or the property is no longer suitable for you. If you are worried, contact us and we can advise you.

If you have an assured shorthold or non-secure tenancy, your tenancy will normally last for six months. However, either you or we can give two months notice to end the tenancy at any time. 

Ending your tenancy
For more more information on ending your tenancy and moving out of your AmicusHorizon home click here.