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Rent increase 2015

In April 2015 your rent may change. You'll receive a letter from us explaining the changes to your rent. Some of the key points are explained below.

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If you are not sure what type of tenancy you hold then please contact us

  • Calculator and bank notesRent increase explained

    Rent increase explained

    The basic rent increase for general needs, assured tenancies from April 2015 is 2.2%. There are some exceptions, especially in Sussex, where homes were taken over from the Local Authority. If you'd like further information, please contact us on 0800 121 60 60.

  • Money - note and coinsInformation about Fair Rent Registration

    Information about Fair Rent Registration

    Information about Fair Rent Registration - As a fair rent tenant you're probably aware the rent we can charge for your home is regulated by the Valuations Office Agency. To be a 'fair rent' tenant you must have been a fair rent tenant before 15th January 1989 or have acquired this right from a previous occupant of your home.

  • Online helpHow can we help you?

    How can we help you?

    We've a dedicated Money Matters Team plus helpful Income Officers who can offer advice and support.