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How can I sell?

You may sell at any time, but you must inform us in writing that you want to move. We will arrange for your property to be valued, for which you will need to pay a valuation fee in advance. You will also be required to pay the Association's legal costs when you sell your share. Unless you own the property outright, you will normally have a 'nomination period' in your lease. This is usually one or two months during which we will try to find a buyer from the HomeBuy Agent's register. We charge a fee for this service. If we can't find a purchaser within the nomination period, you can put your home on the open market - please bear in mind that an estate agent will also charge a fee for their services. There may also be a clause in your lease enabling us to restrict the sale price to the district or independent valuation. The reason for this is that we want the property to remain available to the people for whom Shared Ownership is intended.