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Our strategies and policies

AmicusHorizon - making homes, helping people.

Strategies and plans

We want to create:

  • Excellent services
  • Excellent neighbourhoods and communities
  • Excellent performance.

We will achieve these through: 

  • Resident Involvement and empowerment
  • Our people - one team
  • Excellent governance and communication
  • Financial and operating efficiency i.e. providing value for money.


Strategic Plan 2013-2016
'Take the leap'

We're ambitious to be the best at everything we do, and will work with residents and staff to achieve that goal.

Our strategic objectives for 2013-2016 are to:

  • Deliver the best services
  • Deliver the best homes
  • Deliver the best support for residents
  • Be the best employer
  • Deliver the best productivity and efficiency
  • Build the best reputation.

These objectives support our vision to:

  • Deliver top resident satisfaction in the business
  • Deliver top KPI performance of any large housing association in the UK
  • Be a top employer - across all sectors.

You can read our adobepdf icon Strategic Plan 2013 to 2016 [2Mb]

Asset Management Strategy 2014 - 2019

Our  Asset Management Strategy details our direction for the five years 2014 - 2019. Its key themes are:

  • Efficient Ways of Working
  • Making the Best Use of our Assets
  • No. 1 Resident Satisfaction
  • Making our Homes more Efficient.

Residents, staff and partners have been fully involved in developing this strategy. Amongst the many actions we'll take, the strategy introduces a different approach to procuring contracts to secure both value and investment in our local communities. We're calling this our 'value chain'.

You can read our adobepdf icon Asset Management Strategy 2014 - 2019 [13Mb]

Operating Plan 2014
(Year 2 of the Strategic Plan 2013-16)

We're delivering sector leading performance and are confident we can be the best housing provider in the United Kingdom.

One of our biggest strengths and successes is the way we work with residents. This means we prioritise what matters most to residents, offer better value, and increase satisfaction. We'll continue to work with residents to modernise services and offer:

  • More opportunities for residents to access services on line in a way and a time that suits them
  • More mobile working to enable our staff to work more efficiently
  • More customer focused services using customer relationship management systems.

 You can read our adobepdf icon Operating Plan 2014 - (Year 2 of the Strategic Plan 2013-16) [12Mb]

Financial Inclusion Strategy 2012-15

We know lots of people are having money problems. The economic downturn and welfare benefit changes can make it difficult to make ends meet. For many, it's a struggle to afford basic necessities, such as food and clothes. Financial worries can strike when you least expect them. We're here for all customers whether you rent, own or part own your home.

You can read our adobepdf icon Financial Inclusion Strategy 2012-15 [1Mb]

Sustainability Strategy 2011-2014

The Sustainabilty Strategy states targets for improving the environmental sustainability of our existing homes, new homes and our offices.

You can read our  Sustainability Strategy [4Mb] here

Corporate Social Responsibilty Statement 2013-2016

Residents, staff and board members want to make the world a better place to live. Together we want to make a positive difference to people's lives and the planet. We started on this path in 2011 with our first Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. We'll now build on our earlier successes. This document sets out how we'll do it.

You can read our adobepdf icon Corporate Social Responsibility Statement 2013-2016 [1Mb] and Corporate Social responsibility Action Plan 2010-2013

Resident Involvement Strategy 2013-2016

This is your new Resident Involvement strategy. Area Panel members and staff consulted 1254 residents to understand how we can make AmicusHorizon's involvement the best in the business.
This strategy recognises AmicusHorizon can only succeed when staff and residents work together in partnership.

You can read our adobepdf icon Resident Involvement Strategy [2Mb]

Allocations Policy

Our Allocations Policy outlines our approach to allocating general needs, sheltered (Housing for Older People) homes, temporary housing and supported housing.

You can read our adobepdf icon Allocations Policy [281kb]

Complaints Resolution Policy

This policy explains how you can make a complaint and the complaints process we'll follow.

adobepdf icon Complaints Resolution Policy [216kb]

Leaseholder Service Charge Dispute Resolution Policy

This policy outlines what action leaseholders can take if:

  • They feel service charges are not fair
  • We have not followed the legal consultation requirements for variable service charge payers.

adobepdf icon Leasehold Service Charge Dispute Resolution Procedure [154kb]

Mutual Exchange Policy

The policy sets out:

  • Who can exchange (swap)
  • How to exchange
  • Our reasons for refusing an exchange

adobepdf icon Mutual Exchange Policy [157kb] 

Joint Tenancy Policy

This policy outlines our approach to joint tenancies. It covers:

  • Changing a sole tenancy to a joint tenancy
  • Changing a joint tenancy into a sole tenancy
  • Ending a joint tenancy

adobepdf icon Joint Tenancy Policy [132kb] 

Domestic Abuse Policy

This policy explains our approach to domestic abuse. It includes what we'll do:

  • When you report domestic abuse to us
  • To help protect you if you are suffering from domestic abuse.

adobepdf icon Domestic Abuse Policy [188kb]